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So… apparently my grandmother and godfather had an industrial company that dealt in aeronautics. Including, but not limited to: Gemini, Saturn V, and various Apollos. Their company also worked with German scientists (operation paperclip) such as Wernher Von Braun.

This means one of two things… they either worked for SHIELD or HYDRA…





[The image is text that reads “take the title of the last song you heard and add ‘in my ass.’ Post results.”]



Anaconda in my ass

^ same

Best Years of Our Lives in my ass. 

Let It Go in my ass… I’m just gonna… Put this right here… And back away slowly…

…. Centuries in my ass. …

(Epic) I Am Eternal…in my ass….

If I only had a brain …in my ass…

(Source: hyolights)

I want to see a zombie movie where the infected are hypersensitive but slow as shit. And, they have poor communication and motor skills.

"Oh, you can smell and hear the people behind the door? Too bad you can’t fucking open it!"

I also want animals to become infected… can you imagine the slower than shit zombie turtles?

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